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Korfball is a mixed team sport consisting of four men and four women on a team, with the game loosely resembling a mix in between basketball and netball. The team is split into two divisions, an attacking division and a defending division, with each division having two members of each gender. The aim of the game is to score a korfball (a football sized ball) into a basket, which is 11.5ft (3.5 meters) tall. One of the major differences between korfball and its sister sports of basketball and netball is that you can only shoot if no opposition of the same sex is in-between you and the post, and is not within arm’s reach. Men can only mark men, and women can only mark women, so this adds a large element of strategy by working off players of the opposite sex to gain an advantage over defenders. You are not allowed to run with the ball, nor are you allowed to bounce it. Play is formulated by passing the korfball around the pitch within your division to gain a tactical advantage in attack so you can shoot and (hopefully) score. The divisions are swapped round after every two goals that are scored, meaning that players have the opportunity to play in both attack and defense.