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We welcome all levels of sailing, from complete beginners to those who want to look to compete at a high level. We offer RYA courses for those who have never been in a boat before as well as those who have sailed a few times before at a subsidised rate. Furthermore, there is another option in the 'go sailing' project. This is for those who already know the basics and want to improve their sailing in a more casual environment. At the next level there is a development team, aiming to bridge the gap between the team racing team and course level. The competitive aspect of our club focuses predominantly on the team racing discipline of sailing, which differs from the more common ‘fleet ‘ racing in its intensity and speed. Races usually last just 10 minutes, it combines boat handling and speed with tactics and teamwork. This year, we will aim to build on successes achieved last year and will work hard to get 3 teams through to the BUSA finals, as well as attempting to replicate the number of BUCS points from the BUSA Fleets event. Training sessions for the team will consist of a mixture of boat handling and team racing exercises and will be combined with some evening rules sessions over the year. Prior Team Racing experience is far from essential for new members of the team, as we take into account many other factors, including potential, enthusiasm and commitment during trials. We attend several events around the country, which is the perfect opportunity to put our training into practice, as well as going to some great socials! This results in a close knit community within the team, meaning that time spent sailing is inevitably as fun as it is.