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UBSport release inspiring new sport video

You are my Birmingham

University of Birmingham Sport (UBSport) are delighted to announce the release of the highly anticipated and pioneering new video that encompasses the passion and dedication of sport at Birmingham.

Taking a song that is considered the University’s sporting anthem, ‘You are my Birmingham’, (as adapted from the original 1939 song, ‘You are my Sunshine’), UBSport enlisted the help of MA Music student Charles Lockwood to rescore the soundtrack. Along with vocals from BMus student Katie Levine, the anthem close to the sport clubs heart has been brought to life with a modern twist.

Speaking about this project, UBSport Marketing Manager, Glen O’Donovan said, ‘If you have a look at sports videos done by universities across the country, including ourselves, they are all very similar. So, in typical UBSport style, we decided to raise the bar and do something completely different. After kicking this idea around for a long time, we decided we should create a video where sport meets music.’

The work for the video began in early 2013 when UBSport sat down with the University’s media centre to storyboard the idea. With the help of prestigious Director Gary Tanner (who has previously worked on hits such as the 2006 film ‘Confetti), along with his Technical Managers and assistants, two filming days in May and early October were organised to capture the essence of sport at Birmingham through an innovative dimension.

Glen continued, ‘We are extremely proud of how the video has turned out. We are hoping it will have a very inspirational effect, encouraging students to be part of something big, which is what sport at Birmingham is all about. All our student sport club members are studying here at the University from a range of courses, which why we wanted our students to be the focus, as well as our beautiful campus and the University itself.’

This ambitious video would not have been possible without the commitment of almost 200 UBSport student-athletes, who all donated their time to make the filming possible.

'Being involved with the video was really exciting,’ exclaimed current Vice-President (Sport) Vicki who thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She added ‘The end product is something we can all be really proud of for years to come, and will hopefully be something to inspire more students to get involved with sport at Birmingham!'

Club Development Manager Chris Anthony agrees saying, ‘The video gave club members a unique opportunity to show how passionate they are about UBSport and everything that it stands for: performance, participation, passion and pride. Our clubs are a great advert for the whole spectrum of sport on offer at Birmingham and so it is fantastic that they feature so prominently.’

UBSport created the video to not only give the University’s sport clubs chance to demonstrate their passion, but also to inspire future students to get involved in sport whilst at University.

Please enjoy the video below: