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De-stresstival free fitness classes to help with exam stress


Throughout May, The Guild are holding De-stresstival - a host of events and activities to help ease the stress brought on by exam season.

As part of the festival, they will be hosting a number popular fitness classes FREE OF CHARGE!

So, If you want to take a break from your books and flex some muscles other than your brain, head along to the free classes listed below. You're welcome: 

  • 17th May: Body Combat- 7.30-8.30pm, Dance studio
  • 18th May: Body Jam- 5.45-6.45pm, Underground
  • 24th May: Body Combat- 7.30-8.30pm, Dance Studio
  • 24th May: Body Vive- 8-9pm, Underground
  • 31st May: CX Worx- 8-8.30pm, Underground

Find out more about De-stresstival via The Guild website