National governing bodies courses

National Governing Body award courses

Individuals may wish to gain nationally recognised qualifications through the Royal Yachting Association. The Centre can arrange these during your visit – please contact us for details.

The Raymond Priestley Centre can arrange the following courses:

RYA (Royal Yachting Association)

Dinghy training and assessment Level 1–3, Seamanship Skills, Sailing with Spinnakers, Performance Sailing, Youth Scheme Levels 1-3
Windsurfing training and assessment Start Windsurfing, Intermediate Windsurfing and Youth Scheme Levels 1-3

‘The importance of promoting interaction, cohesion and effective team work is recognised by our professional body, the IET, who have reacted very positively to the Coniston trips during accreditation visits. The students work together in their MEng project groups while they are at Coniston, and the whole exercise is extremely successful. The students understand better how to work in teams and how to use the complementary expertise of their team mates. Back at the University, they remember lessons learnt at Coniston and the group projects function better when things (inevitably) go wrong.
There is also ‘added value’. All of the feedback comments are positive, including ‘it’s fun and challenging’, ‘excellent for team building’ and, inevitably, ‘awesome!’. Students tell visitors and the External Examiners that this was the best bit of the course - it appears on their CVs and is talked about at interviews.
The experience is also very beneficial for staff. It allows us to get to know the students at a personal level, making them easier to teach and to identify good students for final year projects and as potential PhD students.’

Professor Martin Russell
School of Electronic, Electrical and Computer Engineering