Sports psychology

The Hi Performance Centre offers a dynamic, integrated and athlete centred approach to providing sport psychology support. In order to achieve an unique and individual in-depth needs analyses, we offer 1 to 1 consultations as well as observation/practical delivery in training and competition environments. To truly meet individual requirements we can work effectively alongside athlete, coaches and support staff.

The implementation of support is direct towards the athlete’s aim and goals, whether it is to facilitate peak performance or improve mental skills. The introduction of mental skills can be a pivotal element in an athlete’s career along the pathway to performance potential. To facilitate effective transition off mental skills into performance we offer a dynamic delivery environment which includes; 1 to 1 with athlete, observation in training/competition, team/group workshops, work alongside coach, mental skills training during trainings sessions, video analyses, observation and support at competitions, telephone/ email support and skype support.

Each support package is flexible and tailored to individual needs, so contact us and find out how sport psychology can work for you.


To book an appointment or for further information
For further information or to book an appointment with our Sports Psychologist (Jennifer Savage) contact 0121 414 7645.