Workshops and mentoring

An important part of the scholarships programmes at the University of Birmingham, is assisting athletes to combine their academic and sporting commitments.We want to facilitate an environment that gives student athletes the opportunity to excel in both sport and academia. 



Each scholar is assigned to a member of staff within UBSport as thier mentor for their time on scholarship.

The mentors meet regualrly with the athletes to provide guidance on a range of topics including time management, planning, goal setting, academic-sport clashes, budgeting, drug awareness and emotional support. 


Workshops and seminars

Each year we run a series of workshops and seminars covering various aspects of life as an athlete.

Topics include injury prevention, medial training, coping with setbacks, travel as an athlete, competing at major events, planning and lifestyle management.

Elite athletes are usually invited along to speakand to share their experiences.


Other support

As part of the student-athlete lifestyle support that we provide, we have a library of resources that athletes can borrow.

Books are available on: media training, sponsorship, study skills, psychology, nutrition & cooking, careers, time management, and travel, as well as a number of inspiring autobiographies.