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Contact us

Club captain: Beatrice Sampson

e: uobninjutsu@gmail.com

Head coach: Karle Thomas 


Successes & achievements

2014-2015 A very successful grading event with Shihan Andrew Young, where through everyone's hard work:

  • Two club members graded up to 1st dan: Silas and Beatrice
  • Three club members skipped three kyu grades: Ivan, Nick and Helen
  • All others graded up two kyu grades, many for which this was their first colour belt.
  • Excellent training retreat with some new and interesting ideas taught by different black belts.

2013-14 saw two of the club's members achieve their first black belt grades. The club would like to congratulate both Jurgen Haacke, who went to Japan to obtain his belt, and Daniel Franco, who trained hard with our instructor's teacher Andrew Young to obtain his. The rest of the club have all done very well, with everyone who wished to grade in April achieving two grades higher, and for many this meant their first colour belt.


Training times & venues

Tuesdays 19.30 - 21.30 Dojo (Old Gym)
Sundays 13.00 - 15.00 Dojo (Old Gym)

Dojo, Old Gym, Building Y1 (around the back)

Introduction sessions

Anyone is free to turn up to any of our sessions to watch or join in. We have a three-session taster before people have to officially join the club meaning that people who have no martial experience can try us out before joining.


Interesting facts

  • Our club is the third oldest UoB martial arts club, behind Judo and Karate.
  • The Bujinkan actually has three different schools (ryu) of Ninjutsu: Togakure ryu, Kumogakure ryu and Gyokushin Ninpo Ryu all from the 15 century, and some Togakure Ryu Ninja actually fought on the battlefield.
  • The Previous Grand master of Ninjutsu, Takamatsu Sensei used his skills behind enemy lines during WW2.
  • This century only some of the Ninjutsu Ryu have been taught by Soke Hatsumi to only a few non-Japanese, of which our Shihan Andrew Young is one of those few!
  • Some of our ryu are over 1000 years old and evidence suggests that Ninjutsu has been around since the 12th Century, our martial art has not been modified to incorporate scoring and so is still very close to its origins.
  • Each Ninjutsu Ryu has it's own special weapons too, which we incorporate into training generally in term 2.