Sports Awards & Sports Ball

The awards season at the University of Birmingham Sport is our opportunity to recognise all of the hard work that students have put in throughout the year.

Information about Sports Awards 2017 coming soon... 

The Sports Ball which is run by the VP Sport and the Guild of Students brings together sports clubs and active-based societies to recognise their development and participation to sport at the University.

Sports Awards recognises the highest levels of achievement such as Sports Person and Team of the Year.


The Awards

Victoria Wesley Award
The Victoria Wesley Award is presented to individuals who have put in outstanding contribution and added value to sport at the University of Birmingham.

Previous Winners:

2016: Natasha Buckland (Women's Football)

2015: Verity Postlethwaite (Women's Football)

2014: Sam Cruchley (Athletics)

2013: Vicky Harris (Gym & Tramp)

2012:  Steven Johnson (Archery)

2011: Chiedu Ufodiama (Athletics); Non-student – Gary Humpage (Swimming)

2010: Joan Whitehouse (Fencing)


Student Leadership award
The student leadership award recognises outstanding leadership qualities amongst our student volunteers.

Previous Winners:

2016: Kingstun Nelson (Baskeball)

2015: Dani Leith (Waterpolo), Elliot Packham (Triathlon), Nick Kitchen (Basketball)

2014: Luke Gorman (Golf), Richard Sales (Triathlon) and Shaun Parsons (Ten Pin Bowling)

2013: Ayesha Bansal (Lacrosse), Charlotte Stanton (pasSPORT), Katie Quarterman (Squash), Pheobe Mau (Try Sport)

2012: Natalie Caughtry (Gymnastic and Trampolining)

2011: Annabel Fitzgerald (Women's Football)

2010: Pandora Lefory (IMS Hockey)


Volunteer Coach of the Year Award
As one of the valuable contributions to UBSport comes from our Volunteer Coaches, this award recognises the commitment given to provide outstanding coaching services to our talented athletes, allowing them every opportunity to perform at their best.

Previous Winners:

2016: Tania Griffin (Rowing)

2015: Jack Higgins (Ultimate Frisbee)

2014: Emily Snell (Judo)

2013: Holly Harrington (Lacrosse)

2012: Jasmine Demeester (Cheerleading)

2011: Anthony Genna (Rowing)

2010: Alex Darby (Rowing)


Coach of the Year

An award to recognise an outstanding performer from within one of more than 100 paid coaches.

Previous Winners:

2016: Wayne Hill (American Football)

2015: Gemma Davies (Women's Football)

2014: Jonathan Tate (Squash)

2013: Yun Jia (Gymnastics)

2012: Louise Barron (Triathlon)

2011: Phil Gooderham (Women’s Hockey)

2010: Dave Abini (Lacrosse)


Club of the Year
The award is split into the three areas of development, improvement and performance to recognise the variety of ways in which clubs work.

Previous Winners:

2016: Impact award- Jitsu; Performance- Hockey; Development- Motor Racing;

2015: Impact award - Aussie Rules; Performance - Ultimate Frisbee; Development - Women's Football 

2014: Impact award - Swimming; Most Improved - Windsurfing; Performance - Women's Hockey first team

2013: Impact - Gym & Tramp; Development - Sailing; Most Improved - Judo; Performance - Squash

2012: Development - Gymnastics & Trampolining; Improvement - Netball; Performance - Athletics & Cross Country

2011: Development – Volleyball; Improvement – Cycling; Performance – Swimming

2010: American Football


Team of the Year
Specific to teams, this award recognises outstanding performances on the pitch.

Previous Winners:

2016: Badminton Men's 1s

2015: Squash Women's 1s

2014: Squash 

2013: American Football

2012: Road Cycling

2011: Women’s Hockey

2010: Women’s Hockey


Sports Person of the Year Award
The highest individual accolade awarded by UBSport in recognition of the very highest sporting level.

Previous Winners:

2016:  Jonny Davies (Athletics)

2015: Jonny Hay (Athletics)

2014: Chloe Mesic (Squash)

2013: Ciara Horne (Cycling)

2012: Nick Cruchley (Athletics)

2011: Elle Hopkins (Cycling)

2010: Nick Goolab (Athletics)